Shwe Pyi Nann Export Shinmataung Thanakha 50g


Shwe Pyi Nann Export Shinmataung Thanakha 50g (small)  is made from Shinmataung Thanakha / Thanaka bark mixed with Myanmar medicinal herbs and purified by means of reverse osmosis system by the purifying machine made in USA.

You can have the following advantages by using export Shinmataung Thanakha produced from Thanakha barks.

It protects you from sun ray and makes your skin smooth. It prevents you from aging. It saves your precious time and energy.


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Thanakha is Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic Obtained from it’s tree. It has been used in Myanmar since PYU Period (1st to 7th centuries). The Botanical name of Thanaka is “Limonia Acidissima”. It has no chemical or synthetic mixtures that might harm your skin. It has been mixed up with essential floral and herbal oil and water.

By applying regularly, the skin will become fair, smooth and soft, also can protect the skin from sunburn.

Thanakha is a form of Cosmetic found nowhere else in the world.




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