Snake Brand Wild Thanaka Cooling Powder (140g)


Snake Brand Wild Thanaka Cooling Powder has a wonderful relaxing Citrus scent. It is the perfect way to relax all year round after a shower or time in the bath tub.

Wild Thanaka from Snake Brand is a gorgeous desiccant talcum powder that leaves skin silky smooth and soft. It is a shower and bathroom essential with non-steroidal, alcohol free natural aromatic oils for unwinding after a long day.

This product with Wild Thanaka is designed to soothe and gently absorb excess moisture on your skin, leaving it dry, fresh and smooth. This mild powder glides on your skin smoothly and keeps you feeling soft and comfortable.

Excess oil occurs when you sweat a lot in a hot or humid weather. Your dead skin cells and bacteria block the sweat glands. The skin becomes inflamed with acne, blemishes or a spotty rash. Being overweight or if you sweat easily means that you are more likely to have Prickly Heat.

Snake Brand Wild Thanaka Talc Powder is a remedy for heat rashes. It commonly happens where there is friction with skin and clothes. But also on the hands, feet, armpits, chest and delicate areas.


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Thanakha is Myanmar Traditional Cosmetic Obtained from it’s tree. It has been used in Myanmar since PYU Period (1st to 7th centuries). The Botanical name of Thanaka is “Limonia Acidissima”. It has no chemical or synthetic mixtures that might harm your skin. It has been mixed up with essential floral and herbal oil and water.

By applying regularly, the skin will become fair, smooth and soft, also can protect the skin from sunburn.

Thanakha is a form of Cosmetic found nowhere else in the world.


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